Week 10 Google Analytics

SEO- Search Engine Optimization.

The purpose of the Search Engine Optimization is allowing the content of a site to be altered making it more appealing for search engines. An example would be if something is searched similarly to your topic it will create an easier access.
SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a new website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPS) through changes of the layout. Traditionally when websites made with HTML code they offer 2 key ways of annotating a web page so it would appear higher in the searches. Meta-tags which refer to information about the page rather than the information that is included on the page. Over time the keywords used by search engines try to gain the meta tag to gain more searches.
Black hat method cynically pursues search engine results by any technique including spoof tags. If it is popular and it works it is possible it will get picked up on quickly.It is to see how much traffic you can generate about that specific topic.White hate method follow best practices and the opposite to certainty to the data on your site. Make an effort to form the data where you can find keywords. It gives you the opportunity to research other terms.

Social media method is about invalid marketing. Their goal is to give the people the content they desire. All you have to do is produce good content to place you higher in the ranking scheme. Search engines like ‘Bing’ and ‘Google’ are index websites that use this index as a basis of a ranking system. SEO can be organic or inorganic. It relates to structural changes you can make to your site. There has to be a reason why you are encouraging this traffic towards your page. SEM (search engine marketing) relies on a considered use of language to be effective .

Google ad words allow companies to advertise their business online.You create your own ad and even choose the keywords you think your customers would use in order to find you.

Google SEO Image, Search Engine Optimization,

Google SEO Image, Search Engine Optimization,

Organic websites appear higher in search engine optimization. If related themes, synonyms,antonyms and metonyms can be used in order to gain access to similar or relative information. It is important to test keywords to experiment which will give you a higher ranking. Companies analyse searches over time and for a price they tell you what is the most popular searches in your area. Each page should be treated as a separate landing page in order to vary each keyword.

Word tracker is a very popular tool, there is commercial aspect to it where you can monitor words over time.It has a tool that you can use while you’re blogging. It is a Firefox ad on called SEO blogger, as you type it analyses it for keywords that you have said.Mobile search contributes greatly to the traffic of searching.

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. Search engines watch each other for ranking schemes.What words are used at particular times of year, is there new words that have not been used in the past. Fewer relevant pages are better than many extraneous ones which are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Optimizing page and post headings is important.All images should have a keyword optimized ALT text attribute. Google web tools and analytic allows Google to see the popular searches on your website and identify problems that you might not be aware of.

Landing pages sometimes referred to ‘squeeze pages’ is an optimized page with a prominent call to action that traffic is directed to for goals.Google webmaster tool is recognizable hacks that show you what you might not necessarily pick up on.Google analytic is a very complex tool. It can tell you how many visits you’ve had and how long of a period do they stay and where they were geographically located.

In regards to my photography project I have chosen to take pictures from the aspect of Space and place.I am interested in change so I feel it would be a great opportunity to witness the changes inside the county of Donegal where there is so much happening. I have a Nikon D5000 camera which has a 50mm lens. I feel that with this high quality camera it will capture the best possible photographs which reflect my perspective of space and place present in my area, the main aim of the project. This is a picture I took demonstrating a typical example of shutter speed with the waves in the background. The surfer is caught in motion giving the standstill image a mobile feel. The mountainous scene in the background gives the landscape image a greater depth of field. The depth of field number was f5.6  which means the lens was open to let in the light and just focused before and behind the surfer. This is to explain why the rest is a bit blurred or out of focus. The speed was 1/2000  which is one two thousand of a second which is a   very very fast shutter speed ,the opening on the camera opens and shuts in one two thousand of a second. This freezes the movement but just captures the surfer and the waves the main objects of this image.

Surfer riding the waves in Marble Hill Beach Co. Donegal

Surfer riding the waves in Marble Hill Beach Co. Donegal


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